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The Ancient Coinage of Aeneia

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Including additional items for this online edition, with numbers in italics.
AENEIA. (about 500 – 350 B.C.) City on Halkidika, on east of present Karaburun.
Autonomous coins.
6244 Aeneas' helmeted head left. Rev. : AINEA within incuse square. 15 mm. Plate XLVIII, 20.
6245 AINEAΣ. Aeneas running with Kreusa, Anchises, and Ascanius. Aeneas is bearded, helmeted, dressed in short tunic, with his father Anchises on shoulder, advancing right, Aeneas' wife Kreusa advancing in front and carrying their son Ascanius on her back, turning to see Aeneas. In the margin rossete. Rev. : Incuse square., divided into 4 parts. 28 mm. Plate XLVIII, 19.
6246 Aeneas' helmeted head right. Rev. : Incuse square, divided equally into 4 parts. 11mm.
Macedon, Aeneia, AR Tetrobol. Before 480 BC. Helmeted head of the Trojan hero Aeneas right / Swastica incuse square. SNG ANS 71, SNG Copenhagen 33.
6247 Athena’s helmeted head right. Rev. : AINEA. Bull right with turned head. All within incuse square. 15 mm.
Macedonia, Aeneia AR Tetrobol. Circa 4th Century BC. Helmeted head of Athena right, in crested helmet decorated with a laurel wreath / Bull standing right, head reverted, AINEA in ex. SNG ANS 74.
6248 Artemis' head right. Rev. : AINAΩN. Ox lying right. 15 mm.
6249 Ascanius' youthful head with Phrygian hat, right. Rev. : AINEIAΩN. Bull right. 16 mm.
6250 The same head left. Rev. : The same legend. Bull left. 15 mm.
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