Autonomous bronze coins.

† 5958. Heraklesí head with lionís skin, right. Rev: AMΦAΞIΩN and club within oak-wreath. Monograms.

----. Millingen, in his Sylloge, mentions and illustrates a coin struck by a tribe, the Amphaxii, in the Paris Cabinet:
Obv: Macedonian shield.
Rev: MAKEDONWN AMFAXIWN, a club and two monograms, all within wreath. Silver, 24mm.

Millingen writes, "Amphaxitis, a district of Mygdonia and which took its name from its vicinity to the Axius, was situated on the left bank of that river which separated it from the Bottiaei.
Some copper coins of the inhabitants of this district inscribed AMFAXIWN were known (Pellerin, Peuples et Villes, vol. I, plate 30) but the silver tetradrachm (described above) is hitherto unique.
We have no information whether there was a city called Amphaxus... Nothing can be said therefore with regard to the place where the coin was struck.
The types of the obverse and reverse resemble those of the tetradrachms of the first and second regions of Macedonia, and the small silver coins of the Bottiaei, all of which were coined after the subjection of Macedonia by the Romans.

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