The Ancient Coinage of Aphytis

Listed by Moushmov Number

Including additional items for this online edition, with numbers in italics.
(about 450 168 B.C.) City on the Halkidian peninsula Palene, now Atito.

Autonomous coins


6137a AΦ cup with two handles (cantharus). Rev. : Incuse irregular square 10 mm.


6138 Head of Zeus Amonski decorated with horn, right. Rev. : AΦYTAI. Eagle right. Table XLII 15.
6139 The same obverse. Rev. : AΦYTAIΩN. Eagle left.
6140 The same obverse. Rev. : AΦY. Two eagles and in the margin vine.
6141 The same obverse. Rev. : AΦY. Eagle.
Macedon, Aphytis. After 168 BC. 23mm. Horned head of Zeus-Ammon right / AFY-TAI, eagle standing right. Moushmov 6141, SNG ANS 222, BMC 4, SNG Cop 129.
6142 The same obverse. Rev. : AΦYTAIΩN. Vase with two handles.
Macedon, Aphytis. c360 BC. 18mm. Three-quarter facing head of Zeus-Ammon, slightly left / AFU-TAI-WN, kantharos. Moushmov 6142, SNG ANS 211, BMC 1, SNG Cop 124.
6143 Unbearded head decorated with oxs horn. Rev. : AΦY. Eagle with turned head; in the margin ivy leaf.
Aphytis, Macedonia, 12mm. 400-350BC. Head of Apollo Carneius with Horn of Ammon right / AFY, eagle standing right.
6144 Another. Two eagles face to face and between them ivy leaf; in the margin vine and AΦY. 15 mm.
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