Now Kara-Veria.


Autonomous bronze coins.


  6146. AΛEKΞANΔPOY. Head of Alexander the Great, helmeted, right.

Rev. : KOIN MAKЄ B NEΩ BЄPAIΩN. Half-naked man standing, sacrificing over burning altar; behind the altar – table with two urns on it, in each urn – palm; next to it – column with vase on it and in the margin ЄOC. 26 mm.

  6147. AΛEKΞANΔPOY. Head of Herakles young, with lion’s skin.

Rev. : …BЄPOIЄ KOI MAKЄΔ…Woman seated (Hygeia), serpent standing next to a altar and Hygeia is serving patera to it.

  6148. AΛEKΞANΔPOY. Head of Alexander the Great, helmeted.

Rev. : KOIN MAKЄ B NЄΩ BEPAIΩN. The same image, like 6146, but without the date ЄOC.