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The Ancient Coinage of Bizanthe

Listed by Moushmov Number

Including additional items for this online edition, with numbers in italics.
(near 280 B.C.) (now Rodosto) Autonomous bronze coins.
3194 Demeter’s veiled head with wreath of ears, right. Rev. : BIΣANΘHNΩN within wreath of ears. 21 mm.
3195 Apollo’s laureate head right. Rev. : The same legend. Tripod. 17 mm.
3196 The same – smaller. 12 mm.
3197 Dionysos’s head with ivy wreath right. Rev. : BI. Bunch of grapes. 18 mm.
3198 Athena’s helmeted head right; owlet in countermark. Rev. : BIΣAN. Owlet right, holding branch in its claws. 15 mm.
3199 Apollo’s laureate head right. Rev. : BIΣAN. Vase with 2 handles (Diota). 10 mm. Plate XVIII, 9.
3200 Athena’s helmeted head right. Rev. : BIΣAN. Owl facing. The rev. is hollow. 10.5 mm.

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