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The Ancient Coinage of Bottiaea

Listed by Moushmov Number

Including additional items for this online edition, with numbers in italics.

BOTTIAEA (424 – 379 B.C.) region with capital city of Pella.

Autonomous coins. Silver.
6160 Macedonian shield. Rev. : BOTTIAIΩN on prow; below – ΘE, ΔI, club, caduceus, trident or monogram. 15 – 18 mm.
Macedonia, Bottiaia, AR Triobol. Autonomous issue minted during time of Philip V & Perseus, at Pella, 196-168 BC. Macedonian shield with wheel-like ornament at center and six crescents around / prow of galley inscribed BOTTEATWN.
6161 Apollo’s laureate head left. Rev. : BOTTEATΩN. Lyre and monogram. Plate XLII, 16.
6162 Athena’s head with helmet decorated with quadriga. Rev. : BOTTAIΩN, or BOTTEATΩN. Ox grazing right.
6163 Herakles’ bearded head, with lion’s skin, right. Rev. : BOTTAIΩN. Horse grazing right.
6164 Hermes’ head with winged hat, right. Rev. : BOTTEATΩN. The same image.
6165 Faun’s head, sometimes with panther’s skin on his heck and club on left shoulder. Rev. : Two goats lyng and monograms within wreath of ears.
6166 Athena’s helmeted head right. Rev. : ΓAIOY TAMIOY. Ox advancing right; below – monogram and ΠΥ.
6167 Apollo’s head right with two countermarks. Rev. : BOT…Lyre and monogram. Plate XLII, 18.
6167AZeus' head / Winged thunderbolt.
Macedonia, Bottiaia, AE22. Autonomous issue minted during time of Philip V & Perseus, at Pella, 196-168 BC. Head of Zeus right wearing oak wreath / MAKE-DONWN above and below winged thunderbolt, BOT monogram below. Lindgren II 1346, BMC 48.

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