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The Ancient Coinage of Derrones

Listed by Moushmov Number

Including additional items for this online edition, with numbers in italics.

The Derrones

(about 480 B.C.)
Thrace-Macedonian tribe that was lived in the mountain Pangei (Pernar), on the left downstream of river Struma.

Autonomous silver coins.

6213 OPPEΔ. (retrograde inscription). Hermes bearded, naked, driving two oxen in harness right, holding in right hand caduceus, and the left set on the ox. From the cart can be seen only part of the wheels and the shaft. Rev. : Incuse square divided into 4 parts. 36 mm. Plate XLVII, 1.
6214 ΔEPPONIKOΣ. Two oxen pulling cart, from which can be seen only the wheels, left. in the margin two Macedonian shields. Rev. : The same. 31 mm. Plate XLVII, 2.
Thraco-Macedonian Tribes, The Derrones AR Dodekadrachm. ca 500-480 BC. DERONIKON, two bulls, yoked & in fillets around neck, standing left / quadripartite incuse square. Rosen 119.
6215 OPPEΔ. Bearded man seated in cart, pulled from two oxen right, holding in left hand whip. Rev. : The same. 36 mm. Plate XLVII, 4.
6216 Bearded man with Macedonian hat, naked , seated in cart pulled fromt two oxen right, holding in left hand whip; above in the margin Corinthian helmet, and below, beneath the oxen - acanthine flower. Rev. : Triskel(star from 3 human’s legs with the thighs); between the legs palmeti or acanthine flower. 36 mm. Plate XLVII, 5.
Thraco-Macedonian Tribes, The Derrones, AR Dodecadrachm. ca 475–450 BC. Ox cart driven right by bearded man in kausia & holding whip, crested Corinthian helmet above oxen, palmette on exergual line beneath their bellies / Triskeles of human legs in very shallow incuse square. AMNG 6, Svoronos 12.
6217 The same, other style. 38 mm. Plate XLVII, 7.
6218 Another, similar; man in the cart is with Macedonian hat with both raised hand. Helmet above. Without flower below. 36 mm. Plate XLVII, 8.
6219 Another similar; the cart left. 31 – 39 mm. Plate XLVII, 6.
Thraco-Macedonian Tribes, The Derrones AR Dodecadrachm. ca. 475–450 BC. Ox cart driven left by bearded man holding whip, Corinthian helmet left above, E before helmet / Triskeles of human legs.
6220 INOPPEΔ. The same image right; man holding whip; beneath the oxen long palm; above in the margin five-pointed rosette within grain circle. Rev. : The same. 35 mm.
6221 NOKINOPPEΔ. The same image right; above in the margin – eagle holding tortoise. Rev. : The same. 36 mm.
about 429 B.C.
6222 Man in cart with two oxen right; the wheels are with hubs with 4 spokes; above in the margin helmet; below legend: ΛΔI AI. Rev. : Pegasus flying right. Incuse square and 3 edges at the end. 32 mm. Plate XLVII, 3.
6223 The same type, but other variants. 31 mm.
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