The Ancient Coinage of Dikaia

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DIKAIA (580 – 480 B.C.) (close to Abdera, now Yakbeli?)

Autonomous silver coins.

3816 No legend, Woman’s head right or left. Rev. : ΔIKA or ΔIK. bull's head right within incuse square. 15 mm.
3817 Bearded head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress. Rev. : Quadripartite incuse square. 18 mm. Table LII 1.
3818 Same type, but smaller. 10 mm. Table LII 30.
3819 Same type, but larger. 24 mm. Table LII 4.
Thrace, Dikaia AR Distater. Circa 490-480 BC. Head of Herakles right, in lion's skin headdress / rough quadripartite incuse square. Schönert-Geiss 2v, May 14-16.
3820Head of Herakles right, in lion's skin headdress. Rev. : Bull's head right within incuse square. 17 mm. Table LII 2.
3821 Head of Herakles right, in lion's skin headdress, Δ before head. Rev. : ΔIKAI (retrograde). Rooster right within incuse square. 14 mm.
3822 Head of Herakles right, in lion's skin headdress. Rev. : ΔIK, Bull's head right. 17 mm. Table LII 3.

Autonomous bronze coins.

Unpub. Thrace, Dikaia. AE12. Circa 3rd Century BC. 1.82 gr. Horned male head left / D[]K-AIO, bull's head left. Apparently unpublished. Sold by CNG, auction 33, lot 63373. (see image on wildwinds Dikaia page).

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See also "The Coinage of Dikaia by Abdera" by J.M.F. May in Numismatic Chronicla, 7th Series, Vol. V, 1965, which lists all types and all denominations known to that time, with two plates.