(500 437 B.C.)

harbour close to outfall of river called Struma.


Autonomous silver coins.


*6281. Wild goose standing right with turned head. Sometimes in the margin ivy leaf or lizard and the letters A H N Θ.

Rev. : Incuse square, divided into 4 parts. 9 14 mm. Table LI 17.

6282. Two gooses face to face; the right one with turned head, and the other flaping with its wings.

Rev. : The same. 12 mm. Table LI 15.

6283. The same obverse, above lizard or or letter Λ.

Rev. : The same. 14 mm. Table LI 16.

6283a. Two gooses face to face, right; above ivy leaf and H.

Rev. : The same. 9 mm. Table LI 18.