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The Ancient Coinage of Imbros

Listed by Moushmov Number

Including additional items for this online edition, with numbers in italics.
IMBROS - Island off Thrace in the White (Aegean) Sea
(about 350 B.C.).

Autonomous bronze coins.

5621 Athena’s helmeted head right. Rev. : IMBPIΩN. Woman standing with long dress, holding patera and lyre.
5622 The same front part. Rev. : IMBPIΩN. Woman standing, with right raised hand, holding in left hand cornucopiae.
5623 Woman’s head right. Rev. : IMBPOY. Naked young man, itifalen, advancing right, holding club and patera; in front – knotty club.
5624 Artemis’s head right. Rev. : IMBPOY. Hermes bearded, naked, itifalen, with hat on his head, standing in front of altar, holding branch in right hand, and in the left – patera. In the margin – caduceus. 14 mm.
5625 Woman’s head right. Rev. : IMBPOY. The same deity with branch and patera, standing in front of tripod for fragrance (thymiaterion). In the margin – hanging lamp. 14 mm.
5626 Another – similar with wheat grain in the margin. 11 mm.
5627 Another – similar without altar and tripod. 11 mm.
5628 Athena’s helmeted head right. Rev. : AΘENAIΩN. Hermes naked standing right in front of timiaterion, holding branch and patera. 17 mm.

Imperial bronze coins.


Augustus (33 B.C. – 14 A.D.)

5629 ΣEBAΣTOΣ. August’s head right ; on the neck six-pointed star in kontramarka. Rev. : IMB. Apolo’s laureate head right; in front – lyre. 22 mm.
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