The Ancient Coinage of Kabyle

Listed by Moushmov Number

3rd Century BC ruins close to Taushan-tepe, beside the city of Yambol.

Autonomous bronze coins.

All the coins of Kabyle are quite rare.
3882Laureate head of Apollo right. Rev. : KABULHNON, Artemis in short tunic, shouldering quiver standing left, holding patera over altar in right hand, and long torch in left. Hart beside her, club in field. Table XVIII 11.
3883Apollo's head left. Rev. : KABULHNON. Artemis standing right, with right hand reaching for an arrow in quiver at shoulder and holding bow in left hand, stag at her side. 24 mm. Table XVIII 10.
3884Similar to 3882, but smaller. 14 mm. Table XVIII 13.
3885Herakles's head right, wearing lionskin headdress. Rev. : KABU. Artemis in long tunic, standing right, holding long torch in right hand; club in right field. 14.5 mm.
3886The same obverse. Rev. : (U)BAK. Artemis standing facing, wearing loose robe, holding long burning torch in each hand, club in left field.
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