The Ancient Coinage of Kypsela

Listed by Moushmov Number

Including additional items for this online edition, with numbers in italics.
(ca 400 BC.)
now Ipsela.

Autonomous bronze coins.

3887 Helmeted head of Athena left. Rev. : KU YA. Horse advancing left. 12 mm.
3888 Woman's head right, wreathed with ivy. Rev. : KYYA. Two-handled cup (diota), crescent and grain-ear in field. 10 mm.
3889 Laureate head of Apollo right. Rev. : FI. Two-handled cup (diota). 10 mm. Plate XVIII, 12.
3889AHead of Hermes right, wearing petatos. Rev. K U Y E, Two-handled cup (diota).
Thrace, Kypsela AE13. ca 400 BC. Head of Hermes right wearing petasos / K U Y E, Two-handled cup (diota).
With star above: BMC 1
With grain ear above: Prokesch in NZ 4, p. 199.
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