Ancient Coinage of Lemnos

Listed by Moushmov Number

LEMNOS, Island off Thrace in the White (Aegean) Sea



(about 300 B.C.) City on island Lemnos in White Sea .

Autonomous bronze coins.

5601 Helmeted head of Athena head right. Rev. : MYPI. Owl facing. 15 mm.


(about 300 190 B.C.) City on island Lemnos in White Sea.

Autonomous bronze coins.

5674 Youthful diademed head right. Rev. : HΦAI. Ram left. Table XXXIII 22.
5675 The same obverse. Rev. : HΦAI. Ram left, torch before.
5676 Laureate head of Apollo right; barley grain behind. Rev. : HΦAI. Burning torch between the caps of the Dioscuri. Table XXXIII 21.
5677 Diademed head right. Rev. : HΦAI. Torch between the caps of the Dioscuri and caduceus.
5678 Helmeted head of Athena right. Rev. : HΦA. Owl, sometimes with palm branch. Table XXXIII 23.
5679 Helmeted head of Athena left. Rev. : HΦA or HΦAI. Ram advancing left.
5680 The same head right. Rev. : HΦAI. Ram right.
5681 Laureate head of Apollo left. Rev. : HΦA between two torches.
5682 Radiate head of Helios right. Rev. : HΦAIΣ. Bunch of grapes.
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