(about 500 – 358 B.C.)

city on the Halkidi’s peninsula – Palene.

Autonomous coins.



*6499. Horseman advancing right.

Rev. : Incuse square and within youthful helmeted head right. 15 mm.

  6500. Poseidon Hipios on horse advancing right, holding in right hand trident horizontally, and in the left – the bridles of the horse.

Rev. : Little incuse square divided into 4 parts. 26 mm.

  6501. The same image; in front of the horse the letter Π, and beneath it – seven-pointed star.

Rev. : The same. 26 mm. Table XLIX 29.

  6502. Another; the horseman left. 25 mm. Table XLIX 30.

  6503. Another. The horseman right; beneath the horse ΠΟ; without star. 14 mm. Table XLIX 31.

  6504. Another. The horseman left, beneath the horse – star.

Rev. : Woman’s head right, with short, tied on the scruff of the neck hair. Incuse square. 16 mm. table XLIX 28.

  6505. Another. The horseman right, beneath the horse – star.

Rev. : The same. 15 mm. Table XLIX 32.

  6506. There are some other variants with letter Π and star. The horseman naked right.

Rev. : TFV (?). Woman’s head right, with tied back hair. Incuse square. 11 mm.

There are some other variants from this type, without legend.

  6507. Man on horse’s bust right; in the margin Π.

Rev. : Woman’s head right. 11 mm.

  6508. Horse galloping right.

Rev. : The same woman’s head right. 7 mm.

  6509. Horse right.

Rev. : Woman’s head left, with tied back hair. 7 mm.



  6510. Athena’s head with Corinthian helmet right.

Rev. : ΠOT. Pegasus flying right. 15 mm.

  6511. Woman’s head.

Rev. : ΠOTEI. Bull.