The Ancient Coinage of Scione

Listed by Moushmov Number

Including additional items for this online edition, with numbers in italics.

SCIONE (about V B.C.) now Yeni-Kasandr, on the Palene peninsula.


Autonomous coins.


6512 Crested helmet right. Rev. : Incuse square divided into 8 triangles. 21 mm. Plate XLIX, 24.
6513 The same obverse. Rev. : Incuse square divided into 4 parts. 9 – 10 mm. Plate XLIX, 25.
6513AHelmeted head of hero Protesilaos right. Rev. Prow of galley left.
Macedona, Skione AR Tetradrachm. Circa 480-470 BC. Head of Protesilaos right, wearing Attic helmet; crest inscribed PROTESLAS (retrograde) / S-K-I-O in corners, stern of galley left within incuse square. Boston MFA Supplement 44, Kraay, ACGC, 470.
6514 Hero’s unbearded head right. Rev. : ΣKIO. Human’s eye diagonally within incuse square. 12 mm. Plate XLIX, 27.
Macedon, Skione. c480-450 BC. AR Tetrobol. Youthful male head right / Human eye within incuse square; S-K-I around clockwise. SNG ANS 708v.
6515 The same, smaller. 6 mm.
Skione, Macedonia, AR Hemiobol. c 470 BC. Male head right / human eye diagonally. SNG ANS 710.
6516 Crested helmet left. Rev. : Incuse square divided into 4 parts. 8 mm. Plate XLIX, 26.
6517 Youthful diademed head right. Rev. : Helmet right within cobcave square. 6 mm.
Macedon, Skione. Circa 450 BC. AR Hemiobol (0.36 gm). Diademed male head right / Corinthian style helmet right. SNG Ashmolean 2376, SNG ANS 715.
6518 Youthful diademed head right. Rev. : ΣKIΩNAIΩN. Helmet right; laurel branch behind. 13 mm.


6519 Aphrodite’s wreathed head left. Rev. : ΣKIΩNAIΩN. Two doves face to face. 17 mm.
6520 Woman’s head with wreath of flowers opposite, with earrings on her ears; in the margin the letters A Δ and an object looking like brand. Rev. : Two doves advancing face to face; below M.
6521 The same obverse. Rev. : ΣKIΩNAIΩN or ΣKI. Dove right. 11 – 13 mm.
6521AMale head right in tiaena / Macedonian helmet right.
Macedonia, Skione Ć 17mm. Circa 400-350 BC. Male head right, wearing taenia / S K A, Macedonian helmet right. SNG ANS 716 var.
6521BMale head left / helmet left.
Macedonia, Skione AE17. 4th century BC. Male head left / Corinthian helmet left.
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