The Ancient Coinage of Traelium

Listed by Moushmov Number

Including additional items for this online edition, with numbers in italics.
(about 400 – 350 B.C.) southwest of Philipi.

Autonomous coins.


6892 Bunch of grapes. Rev. : Square divided into 4 parts and in each part letter: TPAI. 8 MM.
Macedon, Tragilos. Circa 450-410 BC. AR Hemiobol. Grape bunch / T-P-I-A within quadripartite incuse square. SNG Cop 447.
6893 Barley ear. Rev. : The same. 8 mm. Plate XLIV, 23.
Macedon, Tragilos. Circa 450-410 BC. AR Hemiobol. Ear of grain in dotted border / T-P-I-A within quadripartite incuse square. SNG ANS 903.


6894 Hermes’ head with winged hat. Rev. : TPAIΛION. Acorn.
6895 Another; in the middle bunch of grapes or crescent moon.
6896 The same obverse. Rev. : TPAI within incuse square divided into 4 parts. 8 mm.
6897 The same obverse. Rev. : TPIA between the spokes of a wheel.
Macedonia, Tragilos AE9. ca 450 - 400 BC. Head of Hermes right in patasos / T-P I-A between spokes of a wheel. AMNG 4, BMC 9.
6898 The same obverse, behind PP. Rev. : TPAIΛION. Acorn- blossom or rose; ear or club. Plate XLIV, 22.
Macedon, Tragilos. c380 BC. Ć 15mm. Head of Hermes right, in petasos / TRAGLI-W-N, rose; grape cluster right. BMC 13, SNG ANS 907-910, SNG Cop 451.
6899 Another. Acorn- blossom and ear or caduceus.
6900 Unbearded, diademed head right. Rev. : TP. Acorn- blossom and ivy leaf.
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