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The Ancient Coinage of Uranopolis

Listed by Moushmov Number

Including additional items for this online edition, with numbers in italics.
(about 300 B.C.) City on the Halkidian peninsula Akte.

Autonomous coins.



6904 The sun-disc with radiance and around – crescent moon and 5 eight-pointed stars. Rev. : OYPANIΔΩN. Aphrodite-Urania seated left on the Globe divided into zones; her head is decorated with the conical stone and star above. Her left hand on The Globe, and the right hand on decorated sceptre. In the margin, at left the letter Λ, beneath – burning torch. 27 mm.
6905 The sun-disc with radiance. Rev. : OYPANIΔΩN. The same image; in the margin eight-pointed star and ╪. 21mm.
6906 Another, similar; in the margin conical stone and star above. 20 mm.
6907 Star. Rev. : The same. 15 mm.
6907a Ares’ helmeted head right. Rev. : Star with radiance. 7 mm.


6908 OYPANIΔEΩN ΠOΛEΩΣ. Woman seated left on globe, holding in right hand long spear or torch. Rev. : Big star.
6909 OYPANIΔEΩN ΠOΛEΩΣ. Urania seated on globe left, holding long spear or torch; on her head hat with star. Rev. : Star. Plate XLIV, 8.
Macedonia, Uranopolis AE17. ca 300 BC. Star with 8 rays / OVPANIDWPOLEWS Aphrodite Urania seated left on globe, holding sceptre. AMNG 3.
6910 OYPANIΔEΩN ΠOΛEΩΣ. The same image. Rev. : Star in crescent moon.
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