(about 500 480 B.C.)

city east of Pela.


Autonomous silver coins.


6292. IΨNAION. Naked man with braided hair, falling down behind, and with Macedonian hat on his head, standing between two oxen that he driving left.

Rev. : Incuse square and within wheel with 4 spokes. 29 mm.

6293. Soldier bearded, helmeted, trying to stop a horse that galloping left; in the margin Θ and globe. Without legend?

Rev. : Wheel with naveand with spokes, and two globes. 22 mm. Table XLVIII 9.

6294. NΩIAN┼I. (read inverted). The same image right; in the margin two globes.

Rev. : The same. 22 mm. Table XLVIII 10.

6295. NOIAN┼I. (read inverted). The same image left. There are no globes in the margin.

Rev. : Wheel with 4 spokes within incuse square. 22 mm. Table XLVIII 11.